12/04/20222022 USA TOUR
From St-Etienne to the American dream, our music definitely gave us the opportunity to experience incredible things!! After having invited Mike Love in France, we'll now go on tour with him!
01/04/2022Playlist Sounds Good
We just launched a new playlist... We hope you like it!
We will update it every month (we will try anyway)!
27/03/2022Dub inc Tour
We start to believe in it! After a first warm-up in Bogotá in March, it's like we'll really get back on stage! The announcements continue and we have more than 50 shows planned by the end of the year, starting with a solidarity concert in Dijon then heading to Lisbon and the United States, west coast. Before leaving for a great tour of the summer festivals.
A lot of appointments in the fall too, some we've been waiting for for a very long time! For this reunion we are preparing some nice surprises for you, like Naâman who will be with us in Bordeaux, Rouen and Clermont. And many more to come...

20/03/2022Bogota, here we come!
First show since 2019... So happy to be back on stage!

See you on March 20th with Caligaris, Fidel Nadal & Mellow Mood in Media Torta, Bogotá !! 
09/12/2021Green Valley feat. Dub IncNew music video with the brothers of Green Valley, check it out! French and Spanish reggae united on one track, thanks for the experience... One Love!
02/12/2021It's official, we're back!
Two years without going on stage and being able to talk with you, it's starting to take a long time! Fingers crossed that this time is the right one...
After the announcement of the Zénith de Saint-Étienne and Paris, here is the rest of the tour for 2022!

25/11/2021Finally, a good news!
We're more than happy to announce two very important shows for us in 2022: 

Tickets are available exclusively on www.dub-inc.com for one week and then on all ticketing platforms.

Let's go!

24/09/2021"CRAZY" Naâman feat. Dub inc
Another big collaboration with our brother Naâman is out today!
We hope you enjoy!
Promises are made to be kept!
Enojy our last song Tout ce qu’ils veulent recorded in acoustic on a rooftop of Paris... Feel free to share!

All our acoustic songs are now available on all streaming and download platforms HERE
15/12/2020Doc Inc #6 / Tout ce qu'ils veulentWe're talking about one of your favorite songs from us, which has become a real anthem during our concerts!
By the way, it will be released on Friday in acoustic video... Stay tuned!